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Ibanez K5 5-String Bass (Fieldy)

SKU:   4918
This bass has a nice clear coat finish over it's padauk/mahogany body and maple/rosewood neck and fret board which almost has a matte like quality. It has a bolt on neck with 24 frets, and the fretboard is devoid of all markings save a K5 around the 12th fret, which I feel makes the overall look of the bass almost a sparse and clean look. It would seem to me to be a bit shorter than most 5 string basses, and it's rather thin (width, not height) which makes for a fairly quick playing neck for a 5 string bass. It has 2 active humbuckers, and the EQ has a VARI-MID III for the midrange. This feature allows you to change the sound of the bass, ranging from a growling sort of metal sound to a really bright and clean 70's-80's funk sort of slap sound. Along with the standard volume/bass/treble controls, it also has a knob that mixes the pickups, allowing for even more sonic diversity. This bass is extremely light.
  • Inventory number: #2729
  • Manufacturer: Ibanez
  • Model: K5 (Fieldy)
  • Electric Input: Yes.
  • Serial Number: CO301157
  • Color: Dark mahogany, with matte finish
  • Vintage/antique? No.

New York Location:
625 West 55th Street, 6th Floor
New York, NY 10019

New Jersey Location:
1275 Valley Brook Avenue
Lyndhurst, NJ 07071

Maryland Location:
6824 Industrial Drive, Unit 103
Beltsville, Maryland 20705


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